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Current Projects 

Worldwide Projects

  • Windhorse Publicationsto produce quality Dharma books, many from new authors, and giving away free eBooks – £28,000
  • Translations Board to support translation board to give funding to translation projects, meaning that language is not a barrier to accessing the Dharma – £5,000
  • The Sikkha Projecthosting fundraising and teacher training seminars and resources, ensuring a quality experience of the Dharma wherever someone meets Triratna – £13,000
  • The Buddhist Centre Online/ Free Buddhist Audioproducing the Dharma Toolkit for Uncertain times, online retreats, and daily online meditation, podcasts and recordings of Dharma talks from our very best teachers – 3 year funding commitment,  £80,000 p.a
  • Life with Full Attention Appdeveloping an App for use as an adjunct with the Life With Full Attention course, making it easier for people to engage with key Dharma teachings – £3,000
  • Translating and Subtitling Mediasix-month pilot project in 2021 and 2022 to investigate subtitling videos in English meaning that language is not a barrier to accessing the Dharma – £2,652
  • The International Councilcoordinating our Movement and international online days of practice like Buddha Day – £33,000
  • Urgyen Sangharakshita Trust with the Triratna Video Archivecollect, catalogue and preserve historic video relevant to the Triratna Buddhist Community – £14,300
  • International Movement CoordinatorImportant new role that has been desired for several years to represent and co-ordinate the movement strand internationally – £12,000 pa
  • ITTB Coordinator – A part-time role for 1 year to help the increasing work of the translations board – £7,157

Projects In India

  • Indian Ordination Teamssupporting the teams when they couldn’t fundraise due to COVID restrictions, keeping Triratna alive in India at times when people most needed the Dharma – 5 years – £345,480
  • Indian Movement CoordinatorSupporting Amrutsiddhi who coordinated the Movement and the Food Relief programme – £3,000
  • Gender Equality Training IndiaProvide gender equality training with the aim to improve inclusion and representation of women in key roles at centres and as presidents of centres – £2,950
  • Hsuen Tsang Retreat Centre, BordhoranTo provide bursaries for those who can’t afford it to attend retreats; allows retreats to be available whatever a person’s financial situation. For example a small sum of £38 will provide a 9 day retreat for one person – £2,900
  • Food Forest Indiafunding to explore the development of a food forest at the Bordharan retreat centre, creating meaningful work and food security – £3,000
  • India Communicationsdeveloping a website where all Indian centres can advertise courses online and train staff to use it – £4,500
  • Indian Chairs Assembly Coordinatorsupport for Amrutasiddhi as Indian Chairs Assembly Coordinator – £9,827
  • Dharma life travel – MinalThis grant will enable Minal to visit the UK for the first time to attend the Dharma Life Course in 2023 – £845

Projects In Australasia & East Asia

  • Tokyo Pioneering Project – three year grant to support with online costs and Japanese lessons – £3,000

Projects In Europe, UK & Eire

  • A New Centre in Valderrobres, Spain – match-funding deal starting Triratna activites in Valderrobres, a town near Akashavana – £6,471
  • Grwp Bwddaeth Gymraegcontributing to the funding of the translation of introductory teaching materials into Welsh and a re-translation and publication of the puja book in Welsh – £1,653
  • Buddhafield Fundraiser Roleto help Buddhafield recruit a fundraiser for their Buddhafield Base project – £3,000
  • New Website of Valencia CentreDevelopment of new website for Valencia as a resource for the local sangha but also wider Spanish sangha and for Spanish speakers in US and Latin America – £2,950
  • Dharma TranslationsKey Triratna books now in Polish, Swedish, Italian, Hungarian, and live translations on online events – £5,000
  • Oslo Onlineone year grant to provide audio visual equipment for the Oslo centre and retreat centre – £1,900
  • Scarborough Buddhist Groupone year grant to develop this sangha and meet the dharma in the North-East – £2,930

Projects In the Americas

  • Subhuti 2 Month Visit to Mexico – This visit is intended to help Mexican OMs and GFR Mitras go deeper in their  understanding of the Order and its principles and to establish some new structures for the future. – £2,000
  • Merida Buddhist Centre Improvements Phase 2 – one year grant to develop the Merida Centre and sangha through a comprehensive package of building works to repair and improve centre and provide income generation – £7,700
  • Sao Paulo Sangha Visitsthree year grant to extend the network of friendship post-pandemic with a three year award for travel costs to enable order members to visit the Brazilian sangha – £3,000
  • Trinidad Visittravel and subsistance grant for Kumarjeev to visit Trinidad in July 2022 to explore possibility of starting Triratna activities there – £2,900
  • Toluca – Sharing the Dharma in Mexicosupport with equipment for online and hybrid classes – £2,999
  • Vancouverto help cover the cost of two years rent and running costs of the building – £3,000

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