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FutureDharma Supporters get the Dharma to Trinidad

Meet Hugh Skinner from Trinidad. Hugh is a permaculturist in his 90s and lives in a hermitage in the Trinidadian countryside. Hugh came across Subhuti’s Windhorse Publications book, ‘Buddhism for Today’, and was fascinated by the idea of a new society. This inspired...

Ambedkar Day Message and India Statement

A message from Nandavajra and Vajratara The Context - Ambedkar Day It has been 66 years since the mass conversion in 1956 and Dr B. R. Ambedkar remains a pivotal figure not only in the Triratna Buddhist community but also in the history of modern Buddhism. He is known...

Welcome Shantamani: Estonia’s newest Order Member!

Shantamani is Estonia’s newest Order Member, ordained in Talinn in May 2022. Our supporters helped make Shantamani’s ordination possible, through funding Vajragupta’s regular visits to Estonia, which enabled their spiritual friendship to grow. In this short film made...

Welcome New FutureDharma Team members!

It has been a delight to welcome Pundarika, as our Supporter Care Officer, and Anna Norbury, as our Communications Manager, to the team in recent weeks, and both are bringing skills and enthusiasm to their roles. Part of Pundarika’s responsibilities will be to provide...

Farewell and Thank You Liz

This week the FutureDharma team sadly said farewell to Liz, our Communications Manager and Digital Fundraiser. Aside from taking a few months out, Liz has been with FutureDharma from its inception, and she has been integral to our development and success in raising...

LBC fundraising for FutureDharma

We are very grateful to our friends at the London Buddhist Centre who will be fundraising for FutureDharma for a whole week from Monday 9th May. This is a generous and exciting contribution to support Dharma projects all over the world; "The Buddha's teaching sets out...

55 years of Triratna

Join us on Saturday 9th April for What The World Needs Now: Triratna's Gift It...

Life is uncertain, but death is certain

Did you make a start on your Will? I know, it's a very direct question to ask. But perhaps there's no other way when talking about death and our highest values.   "If we're looking to do something that matters in the world we need to think about the largest frame...

International Sangha Day

Wow - here in the north of England the winter has arrived. It's cold! And I've got no heating as the water is turned off whilst my shower gets repaired. So I'm writing to you wrapped up in blankets and wearing my trusty yellow hat! Abhayasara looked a lot warmer in...

Newsletter – June 2021

Am I the only one who's feeling a bit like a Pushmi-Pullyu this week? I feel like I need to hold lots of different possible futures in my mind. Preparing for things opening up. Knowing we could be heading towards more restrictions. We've all heard it said that the...

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