This is One World. Together we are One Sangha

Since Covid hit humanity, FutureDharma supporters have reached out beyond their local contexts to create a truly global Triratna sangha. When our urban and retreat centres closed last March there was a real risk that sanghas might collapse. But Gifts from FutureDharma supporters have enabled Triratna to thrive online and keep reaching out to the world. In fact, thousands more people have practiced the Dharma with us online than we ever could have hosted in our centres.

Without these gifts The Buddhist Centre Online could not have launched their vital program of meditations, retreats and large gatherings that brought us together from across the globe.

We’ve shared the very best of Triratna’s Dharma teaching in seminars held by the Sikkha project and books from Windhorse Publications, we’ve reached out to local sanghas with fundraising training, and supported our Sanghas in India as they in turn gave urgently needed food to many thousands of people.

But even with all this generous help, we’ve had to borrow from the future to fund it. That future is now! We need to raise another £50,000 by the end of the year or else these vital international projects are at risk. And this precious new international sangha will continue to be crucial as we enter ‘Covid-normal’ times, and whatever crisis comes next.

This is One World. Together we are One Sangha. Will you give £50 so that our international sangha can keep reaching out to more people than ever before?

Our Projects

In the next crucial years for Triratna and the world, help create:

One Sangha united by a spirit of Kalyana Mitrata and Sangharakshita’s lineage of practices and teachings.

Creating the Depth and Intensity of Practice needed for the arising of the Bodhicitta.

Life-Transforming Dharma available to people of any age or background, around the world.

By Giving:

“Giving is the fundamental Buddhist virtue.
Before taking up any other practice, one should learn to be generous.”

Living Ethically

Meet the Trustees and team of FutureDharma Fund, working together on behalf of the Public Preceptor’s College, European Chairs Assembly, International Council and International Order Office.

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Gratitude Report 2020

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In Solidarity with India

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