Working Together to Respond to the COVID Crisis in India

Covid-19 continues to cause distress and poverty throughout India. Hospitals are under strain and many people are turned away and forced to pay for private healthcare. For many in our sangha finding the money for private healthcare isn’t possible.

Others in our Indian sangha remain well but are unable to work due to the latest lockdown restrictions. Often responsible for supporting more than one household, these Order members and Mitras are facing severe financial hardship.

FutureDharma and India Dhamma Trust are working closely with The Abhayaratna Trust and Karuna so that we can respond as effectively as possible. You can read more about how we’re working together here.

Our Ordination Teams in India are supported by gifts to India Dhamma Trust and Amrutsiddhi, India’s Movement Coordinator, is supported by your gifts to FutureDharma. Both Amrutsiddhi and members of our Ordination Teams continue to coordinate the work of the Emergency Relief Committee which for the last year has given food and support to people in need. Your gifts are also supporting our Youth workers in India who are reaching out to young people in these testing times.

Thank you for your continued support of members of our sangha in India and their work to reach out to people in our Buddhist community and beyond.



Our Projects

In the next crucial years for Triratna and the world, help create:

One Sangha united by a spirit of Kalyana Mitrata and Sangharakshita’s lineage of practices and teachings.

Creating the Depth and Intensity of Practice needed for the arising of the Bodhicitta.

Life-Transforming Dharma available to people of any age or background, around the world.

By Giving:

“Giving is the fundamental Buddhist virtue.
Before taking up any other practice, one should learn to be generous.”

Living Ethically

Meet the Trustees and team of FutureDharma Fund, working together on behalf of the Public Preceptor’s College, European Chairs Assembly, International Council and International Order Office.


Thank you for completing the Thrive Online Appeal

Thank you for completing the Thrive Online Appeal

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Newsletter – October 2020

Newsletter – October 2020

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Everything is always changing

Everything is always changing

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