“The greatest thing the Buddha has done is to tell the world that the world cannot be reformed except by the reformation of the mind of man and the mind of the world.”

Dr Ambedkar

Our Projects

In the next crucial years for Triratna and the world, help create:

One Sangha united by a spirit of kalayana mitrata and Sangharakshita’s lineage practices and teachings.

Creating the Depth and Intensity of Practice needed for the arising of the Bodhicitta.

Life Transforming Dharma available to people of different ages, class and nationalities.

By Giving:

“Giving is the fundamental Buddhist virtue.
Before taking up any other practice, one should learn to be generous.”


Living Ethically

Meet the Trustees and team of FutureDharma Fund, working together on behalf of the Public Preceptor’s College, European Chairs Assembly, International Council and International Order Office.


FutureDharma at the International Gathering

A huge thank you to everyone who gave to FutureDharma at the International Gathering 2017 at Adhisthana. It was an amazing weekend of friendship, worship and sunshine, of puja, bonfires and singing, and of course, our vegan FutureDharma doughnuts! Our lovely team were...

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For Love or Money

Money often substitutes for other things we want. But how to tell the difference? Amalavajra, a banker-turned-Buddhist fundraiser, discusses how his relationship with money has changed. In May 1999, at the age of twenty-five, I was a bond dealer at JP Morgan, a major...

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