“The greatest thing the Buddha has done is to tell the world that the world cannot be reformed except by the reformation of the mind of man and the mind of the world.”

Dr Ambedkar

Our Projects

In the next crucial years for Triratna and the world, help create:

One Sangha united by a spirit of Kalyana Mitrata and Sangharakshita’s lineage of practices and teachings.

Creating the Depth and Intensity of Practice needed for the arising of the Bodhicitta.

Life-Transforming Dharma available to people of different ages, classes and nationalities.

By Giving:

“Giving is the fundamental Buddhist virtue.
Before taking up any other practice, one should learn to be generous.”


Living Ethically

Meet the Trustees and team of FutureDharma Fund, working together on behalf of the Public Preceptor’s College, European Chairs Assembly, International Council and International Order Office.


Windorse:Evolution lives on. Join them?

You may not be aware that the money made by hundreds of W:E workers from 1980 to 2015 is still helping to pass on the Three Jewels though Windhorse Trust and New View Residential. How? You can read the full story here, but in short it's thanks to the many houses they...

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Our new booklet

Look for it at your local centre, group and retreat venue. Inside you'll find global examples of stories filled with inspiration and hope. You can also read or download it here. You can visit Pass it on to see inspiring videos about why some people chose...

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