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Thanks to our generous donors, FutureDharma is the only Triratna charity able to offer a range of small and large grants to Triratna projects across the World, projects that wouldn’t otherwise be possible.

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“How will we survive?” – The reality for the Indian Ordination Teams

Can you imagine a devoted member of our ordination teams, someone you deeply admire, respect, and trust, being compelled to step away from their vital role due to a lack of support or funding? We are fortunate that our private preceptors, public preceptors, and Dharma...

FutureDharma & my Ordination Journey – Kusalaraja

It has been a little over a month since I returned from my Ordination at Padmaloka, where I was humbled to receive the name 'Kusalarāja,' meaning "a king of skillful action". This was given by my dear friend and colleague at FutureDharma, Nandavajra, who is now also...

Empowering Lives: Meet Shakyavajri, the Youngest Indian Dharmacharini

FutureDharma/ India Dhamma Trust is proud to support 26 members of the Ordination Team in India, with the team being our largest beneficiary, receiving £92k in funding each year. With an average cost of just £3,538 to support an Indian Ordination Team member each...

Walking in the Footsteps of The Buddha

We often, understandably, think about what we can do to support our Dharma brothers and sisters in India. However, in the video and excerpt below Caroline, a GFR Mitra living and working at Adhisthana, offers a different experience for us to contemplate. In this short...
Due to the support of FutureDharma donors Minal Shende from Maharashta in India was able to fulfill her dream and is currently attending this year's four month Dharma life course at Adhisthana

The Most Beautiful Journey Of My Life – Minal Shende

Due to the support of FutureDharma donors Minal Shende from Maharashta in India was able to fulfill her dream and is currently attending this year's four month Dharma life course at Adhisthana. Minal has shared her transformative experiences with us along with her...

Sudarshanaloka: Fire Up The Dharma

Welcome to Sudarshanaloka, the idyllic "Land of beautiful (or happy) vision." The vision of Sudarshanaloka extends beyond the breathtaking vistas of hills, water, and native bush. It encompasses a vibrant spiritual community united in their commitment to practicing...

TBRL – Integrating Work, Practice, and Friendship

"Good friends, companions, and associates are the whole of the spiritual life." ~ The Buddha, Upaddha Sutta Last week, from Monday 17th April to Friday 21st April, most of the FutureDharma team came together at Adhisthana for the first of their bi-annual residentials....

New Sangha – Tokyo!

We are delighted to be able to support a new pioneering group in the Japanese capital, Tokyo. FutureDharma has committed to fund £3000, over a three year period, to support Order Member Aryapala in setting up this new Triratna Sangha with Shraddharocani.   ...

Thank you to the Leicester Sangha!

Each and every donation that we receive here at FutureDharma Fund directly aids a Dharmic project in need.  We express heartfelt gratitude to the Leicester Sangha for their gift of £1500. These funds were donated to us with the intention of being used to benefit...

Rare opportunity to work in a Team Based Right Livelihood

Since our launch in 2016, FutureDharma Fund has grown to support 45 international Triratna projects, including those of the India Dhamma Trust, and raised over £1,200,000. This year we aim to raise £500,000 for this vital work. We are now seeking an inspired and...

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