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% Dharma Giving
How we spend our money reveals what we value in life. Most of us know the kind of causes we’d like to support. But it can be difficult to get around to giving and harder still to know how much is enough to give.

It might be that there simply isn’t enough money to give any away right now. But sometimes by making small changes and living more simply we can free up some money that we can give each month.

Should a man (once) do good, let him make a habit of it; let him set his heart on it. Happy is the heaping up of good.

(trans. Sangharakshita)

You can set yourself a target of how much you’d like to give to various Dharma projects each month. Could you pledge to give 10% of your income each month? Why not set a % target of how you’d like to give and see how you get on?

If your income is low, but you have savings or other assets, are you able to give 2% of their value each year?



“I have often said that I think tithing (giving 10% of your income) is far more viable to people who have more money than those on basic support level. Recently however I have managed to cut some of my costs and suddenly I seem to have more money than I thought – even though I am on support ! So I have had the pleasure to increase and set up new standing orders to Triratna projects (whilst keeping something back for higher pleasures!) so that my giving over the year is above 15%. So with the help of Ratnasambhava I have proved myself wrong! mmmmm…..”

Getting Started

Giving Calculator

Use this handy tool to calculate your monthly giving!

1. Enter your monthly take-home pay: £

2. Enter how much you already give to the Dharma per month: £ e.g. £20 my Local Centre

Amount you are currently giving = %

3. Enter % of your monthly take-home pay you want to give each month: %

Total amount to give per month = £

Additional amount I need to give per month to meet my % Giving Target = £

Now you can go on a dana spree!

Choose how much you’d like to give to FutureDharma Fund and set up your monthly gift below.

You might also want to give to your local centre or group, or another specialist Triratna project such as:

Other Ways To Give