Applying for Funding

from FutureDharma Fund

FutureDharma gives financial support existing Dharma projects and new Dharma initiatives within the the Triratna Buddhist Community.

We fund projects which address the following three aims:

  • Helping to unite the sangha through Sangharakshita’s lineage of practices and teachings, and by encouraging a spirit of Kalyana Mitrata.
  • Making life-transforming Dharma available to people of any age or background, around the world.
  • Creating the depth and intensity of practice needed for the arising of the Bodhicitta.

For further guidance on how to apply for funding and our decision making process, please download our Guide to Applying for FutureDharma Funding.

Please read this document carefully. We receive a large number of requests for funding, and we’re only able to consider funding projects which follow this process.

Once you’ve read the guidance, please go to the Small Grants Page if you’re planning to request £3,000 or less, or the Major Grants Page for requests for over £3,000.

It can take up to four months to process applications over £3,000, after we’ve received your full application. However, we can usually respond to smaller requests more quickly. Please take this into account if you’re considering applying.

If you’d like to see projects that have been successfully funded, you can view our list of 2018 projects. For further details, you can also read our 2018 Annual Report.

Applying For Small Grants

For grant requests of £3,000 or less.

Applying For Major Grants

For grant requests over £3,000.