"There’s a big dark cloud hanging over the whole human race, and it needs to be dispelled by the united efforts of us all." Sangharakshita

FutureDharma 2022 Gratitude Report

In 2022, gifts from FutureDharma donors funded vital Dharma projects all over the globe, and also enabled our team to offer support to dozens of other Triratna organisations. From kickstarting Tiratanaloka [Un]limited’s ambitious £1.5M appeal for a new, bigger Ordination training centre for women, to offering free webinars, coaching and resources for centres worldwide, the generosity of FutureDharma supporters is helping us catalyse fundraising capacity for Triratna globally.

From seeding new sanghas, to funding ambitious pilot projects and supporting vital Triratna institutions, donors’ gifts have gone straight out to fund Triratna’s Bodhisattva activities. And as a result, people all over the world are meeting the Dharma and being provided with a context in which to deepen their practice and Going for Refuge, and transform their lives.

FutureDharma Fund Team and Trustees

FutureDharma 2020/21 Gratitude Report

2020. What an incredible year.

COVID-19 swept through our lives, our Buddhist Centres and retreat centres closed their doors, and our sangha reached out online with the Dharma and spiritual friendship.

We launched the Thrive Online Appeal in April 2020 and asked you to give. And you responded. Your gifts and some support from Windhorse Trust meant we received £400,000 in 2020. Together we made 20 Triratna projects possible.

This report is our way of expressing our gratitude to you. We hope you enjoy reading about some of the amazing things you are making possible. On behalf of the thousands of people around the world who are transforming their lives with your help – thank you.

FutureDharma team and trustees

FutureDharma 2019/20 Annual Report

Cherish the Doctrine, Live united, Radiate love – Dhardo Rinpoche

In 2019 your donations made possible 17 Triratna projects that are helping all of us to live out Dhardo Rinpoche’s famous entreaties.

In 1962 Bhante took the Bodhisattva ordination from his great friend and teacher. We all benefit from the worldwide Buddhist movement that blossomed from those vows. And now you are passing on those precious gifts of Buddha, Dharma, and Sangha to a world that is still on fire.

This report is our chance to express our gratitude to you. On behalf of the many thousands of people around the world and in your sangha who are transforming their minds and lives with your help – thank you.

The FutureDharma team and trustees.

FutureDharma 2018/19 Annual Report

Sangharakshita spoke the words above back in 1973. A few months before he died, when asked how he’d like Triratna to develop in its second 50 years he said, ‘More of the same, reaching more and more people’.

Such a vision will call on our skills, resources, spiritual energy, and of course money to fund projects and keep them properly supported. The FutureDharma Fund was established in 2016 with the aim of raising those funds.

Last year some 500 people gave £274,000 to support 35 projects around the world. The projects you’ll read about here could only happen because of their generosity.

If you are one of them, then thank you! If not, and you’d like to join us, especially by giving monthly or including us in your Will, you can do so at on our Give Page.

With much metta,
The FutureDharma team and trustees