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Recognise any of these Order members, Mitras or Friends?

Do they seem special or ordinary to you? Anything stand out?

They are all giving to FutureDharma Fund. Some of them give a monthly donation, some have given a larger one-off gift, made us a loan or put FutureDharma Fund in their Will. In a way, quite ordinary things to do. But also special, because all of our donors have thought carefully about what effect they want their money to have in the world.

Who can you see? Click through to the FutureDharma Fund People Who’ve Given page to see people you know and read why they feel inspired to give to FutureDharma Fund.

Editing this page I realised that there are many people on it I know: people who’ve led retreats, who work at centres, women who are helping me work towards ordination, and people I live and work with here at Adhisthana. Just looking through it I feel grateful to be connected to the web of friendships that make up Triratna and help make the Dharma available to more people.

Taking a break from editing the website I sat on a bench at Adhisthana outside Sangharakshita’s Annexe. I remembered sitting there earlier in the summer, talking to an Order member about his work setting up centres 40 years ago. I felt very grateful to the him and others like him who had put so much energy into building a movement I am now part of. His friendship links me into the history of Triratna. But it was the importance of looking to the future that he emphasised. The projects funded by FutureDharma Fund will reach out to people in the future, many of whom we have not yet met, giving them access to centres and teaching.

with metta,


Ready to join us?  Go to and make your gift.  And don’t forget to tell us what inspires you to be part of FutureDharma Fund.