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Maybe you have some funds that you are not able to give but would like to invest. It’s difficult to know where you can invest your money and know that it is going to be used well.

When you save with High Street banks your money may be used in ways that are in conflict with the ethics you live by.

Barcelona Buddhist Centre

Barcelona Buddhist Centre

FutureDharma Fund is working with Windhorse Trust to help you to invest your money in developing Dharma projects, so serving what matters most to you. You can also choose to earn a return on your loan. For example, several Dharma investors are helping the Barcelona sangha to buy its first centre.

Even if we don’t give the gift of the Dharma ourselves, we will keep company with the Buddhas if only we do everything we can to enable those who can teach the Dharma to do so, and if we enable those who might be receptive to the Dharma to hear it….


Living Ethically

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“It seems to me that so many of us have money sat doing nothing with companies that are doing not very good things with it. I mean that money could be working for something we deeply believe in. Particularly when you have to work so hard to get any return on your money. It just seems ridiculous putting it in an account with virtually no interest when it can work for the Dharma. So long as the money is safe, I’m not even bothered about getting a return on it. I won’t miss the 1% or whatever I was getting on an ISA. You could just see this as Dana to the Movement. I’m happy to put my money behind this. It’s a no brainer really isn’t it? It’s a great time to do it. I think loads of people will get involved.”

Getting Started

If you are interested in making a Dharma Loan then please complete this form. Amalavajra or Vajraketu will get in touch with you.

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