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Our sangha grows through the generosity of each of us. It’s amazing what we can achieve when we work together.

Do you need all of the savings you have put away? Maybe you have received a windfall that you were not expecting. Could you make A Transformative Single Gift to FutureDharma Fund and be part of a wider circle of giving?

In today’s world we all need to think responsibly about our future and provide for ourselves and our families. It makes sense to put some savings aside if we can. But it can be difficult to work out whether we are saving according to what we really need or whether we are being driven by old desires or even fears. Sometimes the temptation can be to plan for a whole monsoon of rainy days!

Instead of looking out at a world made up of resources that could meet our own needs, we can think of ourselves as being a resource for the world.


Living Ethically



“I’m delighted to contribute to FutureDharma Fund because I’m excited and inspired by its vision. I’m more and more convinced that Triratna communicates the transcendent values which the world desperately needs. We’ve been shining like a beacon in this troubled world for five decades – and doing that on a shoestring. I can see so much more potential which could be realised by proper funding, and I really want that to happen. Already I’m delighted to hear that Ratnaguna is going to be supported to teach order members to communicate the Dharma more effectively – it’d be such a waste of his Dharma knowledge and study-leading talents if he’d had to get a regular job. And it gives me a little glow of pleasure to know that my pledge helped to make that possible – so much better than money in the bank!”

Getting Started

IMPORTANT:  If you’d like to give more than £1,000 please let us know using this form and Amalavajra will give you a call. This will save FutureDharma Fund costs in Paypal fees.

Otherwise, it’s simple to make A Transformative Single Gift to FutureDharma by using the form below.

Make a Single or Monthly Donation

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I want FutureDharma to claim Gift Aid on all donations I have made over the past four years and in the future, unless I notify you otherwise. I understand that if I pay less Income Tax and/or Capital Gains Tax than the amount of Gift Aid claimed on all of my charitable donations in that tax year, then it is my responsibility to pay any difference. FutureDharma will claim 25p in Gift Aid on every £1 I give.

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