” FutureDharma commissioned me to help increase the financial resilience of some UK and European centres in the face of rising costs. I visited Norwich, Bristol, West London, Birmingham, Helsinki, Oslo, and Clermont-Ferrand.

Support was provided mainly in the form of 2 days in-person visits (with follow-up) to work directly with the centre teams in the areas of financial planning, fundraising, or publicity to help them increase their dana and event income.

The outcomes of the visits were very positive. In Birmingham’s case, the initial FutureDharma funded visit supported me to help them develop a fundraising strategy. They then asked me to return to run a telephone fundraising appeal with their team, which was developed as part of that strategy. Over 4 days this phone appeal raised £15,000 per year in new standing orders, estimated at £60,000 lifetime value for the centre.

A key objective is to help more centres thrive and be abundant. Thank you to FutureDharma for helping to initiate what has become a really valuable and innovative project.”