The Dharma can change people’s lives.  Can books?

Yes – books are often first way we access the Dharma. The Buddha spoke of the importance of contacting the Dharma in our own language.  Reading the teachings in our own language allows the Dharma to speak to us directly, helping us understand its relevance to our own lives.


… this is quite an important principle, quite a fundamental principle, in fact, of Buddhism. That one should expound the Dharma to people in their own language, so that they can grasp them.


The Translations Project exists to spread Sangharakshita’s presentation of the Dharma as widely as possible and make it available to all. The project supports and coordinates translators working in a range of languages.  It ensures that our translators, editors and designers work together, sharing their expertise and coordinating their efforts.

The results are high quality translations of Sangharakshita’s key texts and books by leading Triratna authors.  Already the Project is working in Danish, Estonian, Finnish, French, German, Dutch, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Swedish and Spanish, and will expand into other languages.  These books ensure the authentic transmission of Sangharakshita’s teachings around the world and help promote harmony and shared understanding throughout our movement.

We asked some of our Polish sangha what reading the Dharma in their own language meant to them:

The first book I read about Buddhism was Sangharakshita’s the “Guide to the Buddhist Path”. This translated book, this treasure, completely changed my life, and gave me direction on the spiritual path like a lamp. In the Human Realm of the Wheel of Life, the Buddha is depicted with a book in his hand as the means by which we reach Enlightenment. Books are very important.

Ira Hovanskaya

Krakow, Poland

Sangharakshita’s book in Polish dispelled my doubts about the Dharma and showed me how to put the teachings into practice. As I don’t speak English and the Buddhist literature in Polish is modest, they are all the more valuable for me.  


Warsaw, Poland

Studying the Survey of Buddhism on the Transcendental Principle in Padmaloka turned my life upside down. I was able to understand the book thanks to having it in a Polish translation…. I’m grateful for Sangharakshita’s genius and the translator’s effort.


Padmaloka, UK

There is no doubt about how valuable Triratna’s books in translation are to our sangha. There are many key texts that are waiting to be translated and translators wanting to make our books available in their own language.  Can you help us give the Dharma to more people?

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