Reaching People Online

Each year both new people and those already involved with Triratna search for Dharma materials online. The Buddhist Centre Online provides a global platform where people can communicate and access a wealth of news, video, audio, talks and led meditations. It’s an online space where our resources are pulled together and made available to anyone, free of charge.
Valued by members of Triratna and others looking for good quality Buddhist teaching online, The Buddhist Centre Online is used by 60,000 people every month. It helps people learn about Buddhism and Community, bringing people together, whatever context we might be practising in. Large centres like the London Buddhist Centre and Aryaloka are given space alongside smaller groups. Building connections and ways for people to take part in our wider Sangha is central to what The Buddhist Centre Online does:

Rijupatha tells us about the work of The Buddhist Centre Online

… if someone is celebrating in Poland we can see what’s happening there, if someone is celebrating in Australia we can see what’s happening there…. and so it brings together a sense of Sangha that’s truly International. Rijupatha

The Buddhist Centre Online

For Zoe Lim, a GFR Mitra in Singapore, connections online make it possible to practice within Triratna:

In four years, since returning to Singapore from the UK, I’ve had three jobs and moved house five times. Change is part of life. Everyone tries to escape from a highly stressful city life, where living costs are amongst the highest and work hours one of the longest in the world. But of course there is no escape, so we end up having high turnovers at work. The dukkha just transfers to the next situation.

I use The Buddhist Centre Online to keep up with Triratna News, and Free Buddhist Audio to listen to talks in my room or on the bus or underground on my way to work. It’s my lifeline. I listen whenever I can. I look for new talks as well as re-listen to older ones, especially Bhante’s. I don’t have a Triratna Sangha here. Even though I have friends here who are Buddhist, we don’t quite speak the same language. When there is a need to connect I search for key words that relate to the situation I’m in; for instance integration, loneliness, doubt, death, emptiness, and so on.

I am part of an online study group run by Vidyatara in Melbourne, Australia. We are women from all over the world: the UK, Turkey, Poland and me in Singapore. It’s early in the morning for some people. We often have people arriving with a cup of tea! Without this group I don’t think I could live in Singapore … when I do the study group I am different; it pulls me back to the anchor of my life, refocusing me on what is important.

I really feel supported… I feel like I’m not alone; I have friends…it’s an amazing group of women walking this path together in very different contexts.

Zoe Lim


Funding from FutureDharma Fund will allow The Buddhist Centre Online to continue it’s amazing work and expand into new developments. The world needs what you’ve been given. Pass it on.