Indian Buddhist Youth

In India engagement with Buddhism gives disadvantaged people an opportunity to transform their lives and their communities. Dedicated Ordination teams and Dhamma teachers help provide the conditions for thousands of people to practice Buddhism. An ageing Indian movement however is no longer attracting many young people into our Movement.

Young people in India want to choose a future full of meaning. India Dhamma Trust empowers young people to decide their own future, and to live lives full of metta, personal transformation and spiritual friendship.

Your gift will enable young people to go on retreats together and build a young people’s sangha in India that is connected with other young buddhists throughout the world.


The India Youth teams have responded to the COVID-19 lockdown very rapidly, moving classes online and supporting Order members across India’s 35 centres to adapt to using online media. They were instrumental in the online celebrations of Dr Ambedkar’s birthday in April, and have gone on to host a 3 day Dhamma retreat in June with Lokamitra.

One unexpected bonus of delivering classes online is that the teams are able to work with younger people. By July 2020 over 1500 13-18 year olds had attended classes delivered by Shraddavajri and her team. 

Young people in India are seeking a life of meaning

I want to help society and spread Buddha and his Dhamma … I started a class in Naglok every Sunday morning for children … Now in this lockdown situation, I am teaching classes on Zoom with my friend Priti


GFR Mitra, Nagpur

I came in contact with bad friends in my school. We used to drink, smoke cigarettes/bide, gamble and always quarrel with other people. I had very bad relation with my family and they used to call me sinner. I dropped the school when I failed in 10th class.

I worked as a truck driver… I met Dhammachari Adyaratna, who was also working in Railway at Bhusawal. I was very much impressed by Adyaratna’s behavior and I asked him, “How you can be so calm and deal things smoothly?” He told me about Dhammaclass in Bhusawal. First time I did meditation I realised that these people are very friendly and kind.

I left all my bad habitat and bad friends. I decided to restart my study. I passed 10th standard and 12th standard with 60% marks. I became Dhammamitra. All people noticed the changes in me. They asked me about this. I told them that this had happened due to Triratna Sangha.

I keep doing my study and became driver in State Transport Department. I got married two years ago. I will always be grateful to the Triratna Sangha for giving me new life. Transforming my life from a sinful person to an honest and friendly person.



Indian Buddhist Youth