Dharmic Guidance and Ordination Training

The College of Public Preceptors guide our movement; a role that has become invaluable since Sangharakshita left us. Members of the College develop our system of practice and train Private Preceptors and those joining our Order. Unfunded, Public Preceptors travel from across the world twice a year to meet together.  By giving to FutureDharma Fund you will support our Public Preceptors from around the world to continue in their work.


Public Preceptors

We work closely with the College of Preceptors endeavouring to respond to what they need in a given situation. In 2019 the College applied for funding to support Public Preceptor Amoghasiddhi to travel from India to the UK in order to strengthen links within our international sangha. Based at Adhisthana for 6 months, Amoghasiddhi became a much loved (and already highly respected) member of the community there. He also helped lead a number of Ordination retreats at Padmaloka and spoke at the International Gathering. 

Amoghasiddhi, Amrutsiddhi, and Mahamati in conversation. International Gathering 2019.

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