Coordinating the Triratna World

In his paper What is the Western Buddhist Order? Sangharakshita identified the need for a coordinating body for the Order and Movement.  Triratna is now organised into six world-wide Areas. The International Council works across these six Areas to ensure that every order member around the world has a voice. By giving to FutureDharma Fund you will help the International Council to develop best teaching practice, support projects with a global reach, and facilitate the flow of kalyana mitrata across Triratna, creating contexts for a ‘Total Dharma life’.

I’m very happy that we now have an International Council in which these issues can be discussed and decided upon, taking into account all the diversity that now exists within our movement, and at the same time being concerned to preserve our unity and our harmony…. The more the International Council can function without reference to me… the more I shall be pleased…. I hope to be able to be like a retired gardener, and in the garden there is a beehive. I can sit quietly in the evening and I can listen to the humming of all those bees in the hive busily getting on with whatever bees do.

- Sangharakshita

Responding to COVID-19


The work of the International Council has been vital during the global COVID-19 lockdown, supporting dialogue and communication throughout our global Movement. With the Buddhist Centre Online, they hosted an International Buddha Day, bringing together thousands of people in a 24-hour programme of pujas, talks, and meditation, which started “in” the UK and closed “in” the USA, taking in New Zealand, Australia, India, Europe, and Mexico en route.

In 2018 The International Council met in India

Buddha Day 2020 – an international day of practice and celebration