Quality Dharma Teaching Materials and Training

As our Movement enters the next 50 years it is vital that we ensure that Sangharakshita’s presentation of the Dharma is alive and available throughout the Triratna world. The Sikkha project deepens our understanding of what and how we practise and teach within the Triratna community.¬† Effective Dharma teaching is supported through a progressive and integrated Sikkha Dharma syllabus and training by some of our most experienced teachers at Adhisthana. The Sikkha Project website hosts teaching materials for five Dharma courses, including videos and teaching notes, ensuring that all our Triratna centres are supported in delivering excellent Dharma teaching.

The Radical Dharma course is taught in Amsterdam

The Radical Dharma course really is more radical… you really need to work on the material yourself and think it through…


Amsterdam, Netherlands

With the COVID-19 lockdown, Sikkha rapidly moved training seminars online. Online training is helping centres adapt their teaching – covering all aspects, from tailoring course content to the more technical aspects of camera and audio set-up, and running discussion break-out rooms on Zoom.

Maitreyabandhu and Sanjay discuss the technicalities 

Really helpful thoughts on how positive this online connection can be.

- online seminar participant

Hundreds of Triratna teachers are learning and sharing best practice through Sikkha online seminars

I appreciated the practical experiential learning, linking up with the Order nationally and internationally, and the high-quality input.

- online seminar participant

FutureDharma is funding Kusaladevi, an experienced fundraiser, to support centres fundraise online during the COVID-19 lockdown. Kusaldevi is working closely with Sikkha, who host her webinars and curate her Fundraising Toolkit on their website.  

It works! Subhadramati’s online dana appeal

I’m very grateful for the videos and resources you have done. I hope I am going some way to realise the 3 Cs of Connection, Conviction and Clarity. Still lots for me to learn!

Centre Team Fundraiser

Supported by Kusaladevi

Sikkha hosts many teacher training seminars, led by some of our most long-standing and experienced teachers. These seminars help prepare the next generation of Dharma and meditation teachers and forge invaluable support links between Order members from different countries.

Saddhanandi tells us about training for Triratna teachers at Adhisthana