You may not be aware that the money made by hundreds of W:E workers from 1980 to 2015 is still helping to pass on the Three Jewels though Windhorse Trust and New View Residential. How? You can read the full story here, but in short it’s thanks to the many houses they own or manage in Cambridge.

Windhorse Trust and New View fund all FutureDharma’s running costs so that every penny or cent that you give goes straight to Dharma projects. They also lend money to Triratna centres and communities to buy buildings. So thank you to everyone who ever worked for W:E. You are still seeding and strengthening sanghas around the world.

New View is now looking for a GFR Mitra or Order Member to join their team of five men and women. Could it be you? If so you have until Wednesday (extended deadline) to apply. Find out more here.

With warm wishes,

Your FutureDharma team: Amalavajra, Jai, Patrick, Viryanaga and Nandavajra