Due to the support of FutureDharma donors Minal Shende from Maharashta in India was able to fulfill her dream and is currently attending this year’s four month Dharma life course at Adhisthana.

Minal has shared her transformative experiences with us along with her appreciation of all those who have supported her on “the most beautiful journey of my life”.


Jai bhim namo buddhay. 

I am Minal Shende from India. I am associated with the National Network of Buddhist Youth since 2008.

The first time I attended a Triratna retreat was at the Bordhoran retreat centre in 2008. 

I was inspired by the teaching of Buddha and so continuously attended youth retreats and studied Dalit literature. I committed myself to practicing the Dharma.

And now I’m working for the National Network of Buddhist Youth in India, the ideology of the Buddha and Dr Ambedkar.

I would like to thank you. All of you. Those whom I do not know personally, but as a member of Triratna you support me and donated for my Dharma study.

I am now in Adhisthana and this is the most beautiful journey of my life.

I never had the chance to meet Bhante Sangharakshita, however, I wrote a letter to Bhante on the day he died, but had never sent it to Adhisthana. 

In the letter I wrote:

“Don’t worry Bhante. It is my responsibility to learn and practice the Dharma and propagate the Dharma. I wish that one day I will learn the Dharma teaching from those who have learned from you.”

And today, that dream has come true.

I express my gratitude to FutureDharma and Abhaydana for their fundraising support, their generosity, efforts, and coordination.

Adhisthana is one of the most important international Buddhist centers in the world and here I’m experiencing the beauty of Sangha. I’m experiencing international friendship. The nature, the environment, my teachers and Dharma study are all motivating me to practice and go deeper.

This knowledge and international experience of practicing the Dharma will surely enhance my ability to practice back in India and to teach it further in my community.

Thank you so much.

Minal X


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