I am writing to let you know of the death of Moksacitta, on 29th December, our friend and colleague at FutureDharma. All of us in the team are deeply saddened and shocked by her swift illness and death; a mere three months ago she was participating in the team and carrying out her responsibilities with her customary good cheer and chirpiness. Moksacitta was 56 and was ordained into the Triratna Buddhist Order in 2013. She joined the FutureDharma team in February 2020.

Moksacitta managed our application process from first contact, through application and assessment, to making sure that successful applicants received their funding. We are quite exacting, but Moksacitta guided applicants through the process with thoughtfulness, encouragement, and kindness. She was particularly passionate about small projects beyond the UK, helping them to get established or develop.

Some of our team gathered on the morning of her death to meditate and rejoice in Moksacitta. Along with her exuberance we remembered her open heartedness and sensitivity. She was acutely aware and concerned for those who are disadvantaged through circumstance, economic hardship, disability, or culture. We also remarked on her ready laugh and at times cheeky wit, and her many enthusiasms. Moksacitta was also a woman of courage as witnessed in the way in which she lived with her own physical frailties whilst also continuing to snowboard, another thing she was passionate about (along with nurturing Bonsai trees). Her courage also manifested in communication where she was prepared to plunge into difficult issues but always in a way that sought to understand and build harmony.

Moksacitta will be much missed by all of us at FutureDharma and her other friends. I know that she was a very loyal friend and very devoted to her spiritual mentors, especially Vessantara and Jnanasiddhi.

May all blessings be hers and may all gods protect her.

FutureDharma Director