Each and every donation that we receive here at FutureDharma Fund directly aids a Dharmic project in need. 

We express heartfelt gratitude to the Leicester Sangha for their gift of £1500. These funds were donated to us with the intention of being used to benefit another Sangha.

Stephen Scanlon has been integral to the co-running of the Leicester Sangha these past few years and will be setting off on his ordination retreat in the summer. He expressed the following:

“The Leicester Sangha, a group of 10 years, would not exist were it not for FutureDharma Fund. A lot of planting of seeds that will bear fruit has happened here and we decided the money should go to another Sangha in need of it.”  ~ Stephen Scanlon

For example, this generous gift from the Leicester Sangha is enough to fund 18 months’ worth of a new pioneering project in Tokyo, where there is a real thirst for the Dharma. On 18th February Tokyo welcomed their first Mitra, Susana Kumagai, and also recently held their first in-person retreat themed Buddhism: Immemorial and Ultra-Modern. Find out more about the new Tokyo Sangha and our other projects