Karate Kids and Dharma Warriors – We’re all human


Dear All,

We hope you’ve had a good summer wherever you are in the world. Here in the UK we enjoyed some of the last hot days of summer at the International Gathering at Adhisthana. There were many inspiring talks in the day and the kids’ Dharma performances and international pujas in the evenings.

Here we bring you two talks from people who have benefitted directly from your gifts to FutureDharma. Public Preceptor Amoghasiddhi and Movement Co-ordinator Amrtiasiddhi from Nagpur, India, and GFR mitras Gleysa (Venezuela) and Salvador (Mexico).

And if you enjoy these you can catch up with some of the other talks from the International Gathering online thanks to the dedicated work of Clear Vision and The Buddhist Centre Online, both of which are supported by your gifts.

Put the kettle on, sit back and enjoy – they’re a treat.

With warm wishes
Liz Bassett
writing on behalf of the FutureDharma team:
Amalavajra, Viryanaga and Nandavajra


From karate kids to dedicated Triratna elders: Amoghasiddhi & Amritasiddhi

Amoghasiddhi and Amritsiddhi first encountered Triratna (then the FWBO) in 1988. Two young men, they had been practicing karate for a decade and were seeking a sangha context within which to practice and transform their lives and the lives of others. Amoghasiddhi (‘Unobstructed success’) is now a Public Preceptor and Amritasiddhi (‘Nectar of Buddhahood’) Movement Co-ordinator for India.
From Nagpur, they are both are dedicated to growing the sangha in India, and Amritasiddhi travels vast distances by train, visiting India’s centres in order to develop them spiritually and legally.

Amoghasiddhi and Amritasiddhi attended the UK & Ireland Area Order Convention in August before the International Gathering, and are now participating in the International Council meeting at Adhisthana. Their travel has been supported by all those who give to FutureDharma.

These experienced practitioners share a firm friendship which was a joy to be around. I enjoyed their delightful company in the courtyard chatting over a cup of tea about the importance of laughter and joy in our practice. This simple way of taking part in our international community was a reminder of how we all practice together. Amoghasiddhi summed it up perfectly when he said that seeing a big international sangha gave him confidence that we can surmount any cultural differences because all “human beings are human beings”.

Watch the wonderful Amoghasiddhi and Amritasiddhi in conversation in this video.

“Now I have another answer to Dukkha”

Gleysa (from Merida, Venezuela) has just completed the 5 month Dharma Life course at Adhisthana and Salvador (Mexico City) has just embarked on it. They joined Vanaraji to talk about how finding the Dharma as teenagers changed their lives.
Listening to Gleysa and Salvador their commitment to changing their lives through Dharma practice is palpable. Gleysa talked about the many difficulties she faces in her daily life in Venezuela and how her practice enables her to respond to Dukkha differently, saying “… the transformation has been very strong and powerful in my life…. the way that I think… everything has changed completely…. I had to learn to live with Dukkha…. Now I have another answer to Dukkha.”

Gleysa was supported to take part on the Dharma Life course at Adhisthana by your gifts to FutureDharma. After five months of living and practicing in a community of young women from all over the world, Gleysa has now returned to Venezuela and the sangha in Merida. Everyone at FutureDharma Fund wishes her well.

Click on the image above to listen to Gleysa and Salvador in conversation with Vanaraji

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