futuredharma-fund-postcardsAt FutureDharma Fund we love getting post!  So when we were thinking of the best way of getting in touch with the lovely Triratna community the answer seemed obvious – a postcard.  Throughout the summer we’ve been sending out bundles of FutureDharma Fund postcards to Triratna centres and retreat centres across the world.  They carry a very simple message:

The world needs what you’ve been given.  Pass it on.

FutureDharma Fund is a way for all of us to play our part in taking Triratna into the next 50 years and beyond.

What are you planning to do?

Whether you will make a gift or loan, put FutureDharma Fund in your will, or make a regular monthly payment, we’d love to hear from you.  Pick up one of our postcards at your local Triratna centre and post it back to us.  Before you know it, Liz or Amalavajra will get in touch to let you know how you can give to FutureDharma Fund.

Can’t find one of our postcards?  If your local centre has run out of postcards on display please give us a call (01531 640541) or drop Liz an email (liz@futuredharma.org) and we’ll send out some more.