Some of you have been asking how FutureDharma works and how we choose which projects to fund.


Well, firstly, we’re a really small team. That’s deliberate. We want to keep our costs down so that as much of your money as possible goes right to where it’s needed: our projects.


There are just four of us: Amalavajra and Liz, who work with you to raise our money, and Nandavajra and Viryanaga (both part-time), who work out how best to spend it.


Without your gifts, and our Trustees freely giving their time, FutureDharma just wouldn’t happen.


And there’s no shortage of projects out there who want your help! This year Triratna projects have asked us for £750,000. Amalavajra will be happy if we can raise £250,000. We’ll definitely be needing Viryanaga and his project assessment skills to help our Trustees choose next year’s projects!


At times this can mean difficult choices: Bursaries for Indian Dharmalife course students or sending our experienced teachers over to Estonia to lead retreats? How would you decide?


Selecting the projects is only one of the challenges of working for FutureDharma. Watch our short videos to hear from the team, and some of what challenges and inspires us.