Did you make a start on your Will?

I know, it’s a very direct question to ask. But perhaps there’s no other way when talking about death and our highest values.


If we’re looking to do something that matters in the world we need to think about the largest frame of action we can conjure. And that means making sure the Dharma is accessible to people all over the world.
– Vandanajyoti




Like me, you probably haven’t got your Will written yet. But will you make that first step and ask a solicitor or Wills writer, Satyadasa for an appointment?


You don’t need to have everything sorted before our meeting. We’ll chat for an hour or so … then if you wish me to, I’ll draft a Will and email it to you. Once you’re happy with it I’ll post the final version to you.
– Satyadasa, Greengate Wills




Satyadasa is offering a free, no-obligation meeting on Zoom. If you decide to go ahead after that, he charges £200 for a simple Will or only £130 if you’re under 40.

Click here to take the next step and request a meeting with Satyadasa

I know you care deeply about sharing the Dharma

Vandanajyoti is right – sharing the Dharma with other people requires funding.

Although many of us aren’t able to give large amounts when we are alive, we can leave a gift in our Wills. You might be surprised how much of a difference your gift could make.

Dharmottara’s legacy gift provided left emergency COVID funding for our retreat centres in Bhaja and Bordharan, keeping them open and running retreats.



Don’t risk not being able to choose where your money goes after you die


You don’t need to tackle everything at once – you can just take the first step and message Satyadasa or a solicitor and ask for an appointment.

(If you’ve left FutureDharma projects a gift in your Will, could you please let Simhasraddha know for our records?)

With love,