Dear All,

How are you doing this week?

Like many of you, I’m working from home, with all that that involves, including the frustrations and sometimes fear. I’m on Zoom a lot, working with a team dispersed throughout the UK. My To-Do List now includes things like “try to set up fruit and veg delivery” and “clean down the wheelie bin for the bin collectors”.

Mostly I just feel grateful to have a home where I can keep safe, and work that I love. Talking in our team this week I found myself saying that there is no work I’d rather be doing right now. And it’s true. I’m proud of our projects that bring the Dharma to so many people and keep our amazing worldwide sangha connected.

And I’m deeply grateful to all our supporters who give money each month. Thank you. And a special shout-out to those of you that have started giving in the last week or so. Like everyone else, you’ve got enough on right now, but you still took time out to give. It means a lot to us.

Alright. We’re all a bit full-up on information, so I’ll keep this brief. Read on for some exciting news about our new partnership with India Dhamma Trust. It’s good news, and we want to share it with you.

India, of course, is on lock-down too. And conditions there are hard. Food is difficult to come by and expensive. Many people don’t have homes or sanitation. People that do have homes often live with many family members sharing a small space. There is mass migration with migrant workers returning to their home villages. The sangha in India are responding to the needs of others as best they can: bringing practical and emotional support to those who need it.

India Dhamma Trust is a tiny charity, run by a dedicated team of volunteer trustees. More than ever before, they need to focus all their time and energy on supporting the ordination teams in India.

So we’ve taken on all IDT’s fundraising and communications work. We’ve got the skills and experience to do it and we’re delighted to support them, and the Indian sangha, in this way.


India Dhamma Trust will remain an independent charity, with their trustees continuing to hold the responsibility for the West’s contribution to Dharma teaching and ordination training in India.

Vajratara will remain the Chair of IDT and join FutureDharma’s trustee board as a guest to advise on all things India.

Do you want me to do anything?

We want you to stay just as you are. Don’t change a thing!

You may be one of the many people who give monthly to both FutureDharma and IDT, and we’re slightly worried that this news might prompt you to cancel one. Please, please don’t!

We’d like you to continue to give to both IDT and Future Dharma. Your gifts to India Dhamma Trust will go solely to India, particularly the Indian Ordination Teams, those to Future Dharma will support projects all over the world. 

Your gifts are transforming even more lives than before because now we’re helping IDT your money will go even further.

You’re bringing the Dharma to even more people in India. Helping people practice together, train for ordination, and share our incredible sangha with others. Others who are desperate to change their lives right now.

There’s no more crucial time to get involved than now. If you give already, thank you. We appreciate that some of you are facing the prospect of reduced income at the moment, and aren’t in a position to give. But if you’re financially secure and feel moved to give, please support our projects by giving a gift each month.

Keep safe, keep well, and keep connected,

Liz, and all at FutureDharma