Can you imagine a devoted member of our ordination teams, someone you deeply admire, respect, and trust, being compelled to step away from their vital role due to a lack of support or funding?

We are fortunate that our private preceptors, public preceptors, and Dharma teachers have options and won’t have to face the agonizing choice between their commitment to Triratna and their own survival.

However, we recently heard a sobering story from one of our Indian ordination team members, who wishes to remain anonymous. Last year, due to the complexities surrounding FCRA regulations, it was uncertain whether funding would make its way to India. The only alternative they saw was for the Order Member to potentially become an auto-rickshaw driver, despite dedicating their life to the Dharma. Fortunately, the funding issue was resolved in time, but the gravity of the situation they faced remains very real.

They have had a significant role in growing the Sangha. It’s saddening that they have to contemplate such a situation at this stage in life. We must support their work, not only financially but in other ways too.”

In India, there is a Dharmacharini team and two Dharmachari teams, collectively responsible for nearly as many individuals training for ordination as the rest of the Triratna world combined.

We are all aware of the transformative power of the Dharma in India, and the work of these ordination teams is absolutely critical. The growth and vitality of the order in India hinge on their efforts, and they face formidable challenges, including economic, cultural, and increasingly, political obstacles.

While the Indian Ordination Teams generate 35% of their support costs in India, the remaining 65% is provided by the unwavering support of FutureDharma and the Indian Dhamma Trust donors. This means that we are able to send £93,000 annually to ensure that 26 members of the Indian Ordination Teams can fully devote themselves to their crucial work.



We express our heartfelt gratitude to all our donors and supporters who have already lent their support to the Indian Ordination teams.

Your continued support will make a profound impact on the lives of these dedicated individuals, allowing them to carry on their invaluable work of spreading the teachings of the Dharma throughout India.

Thank you for being a part of this meaningful journey.

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With metta,