Would you like some free training in fundraising from Amalavajra? How about the chance to come to Adhisthana on one of our weekends? You will learn all about money and how to raise it for your centre and other Triratna projects.

You’ll be joining a sangha of amazing folk who come together to share ideas, get trained up, and sing silly songs whilst eating chocolate. They’re our FutureDharma Champions – a lovely bunch of people who volunteer their time to promote FutureDharma Fund and fundraising in their local centres. You will recognise them by their gorgeous red FutureDharma Fund T-shirt and their even-more-gorgeous smile.


During the #Triratna50 celebrations in April this year, our FutureDharma Champions gave presentations in Cambridge, at Adhisthana, London, Bristol, Sheffield, Helsinki, Brussels, Essen, Dublin, Thane (India), Nagpur and Auckland, raising over £26,000. Maybe you caught one of their talks? We think they’re something else.

If you’re interested in learning how to fundraise for your local centre and FutureDharma Fund and would like to find out more about becoming a FutureDharma Fund Champion, contact Amalavajra@futuredharma.org or Liz@futuredharma.org