Corona virus update: In solidarity with our sangha in India


I don’t need to tell you that the situation in India is desperate. Many people are struggling to access hospital treatment, oxygen, or food.

It’s crucial that our response as a sangha is as effective as possible.

So we’re working together with The Abhayaratna Trust and Karuna to ensure a joined-up approach. You can find out more about how we’re working together here.

These things only happen because of gifts to FutureDharma and India Dhamma Trust:


Your gifts are incredibly precious right now. Please give if you can.

Honouring members of our Indian sangha lost in recent weeks

In the past few weeks, twelve Order members, and many Mitras in India have lost their lives to COVID.

Amongst them are people who helped build our community in India, pioneers who set up groups, translators, and those working on the Coronavirus Relief Team. Our thoughts are with their families and friends.

Are we making a difference?

Tough times are ahead, there is no question about that. But your gifts are making a real difference. As our brothers and sisters in India reach out to those in need, and ready to rebuild their sanghas, your support and care mean everything to them.

“I’m inspired and amazed to see this overwhelming support, and love, and care from my brothers and sisters from the sangha, all over the world. I can see solidarity. They say compassion in action. And this is an example.”

– Dh. Sudipta, speaking from India this week*.


*(To listen to Dh. Sudipta’s talk on the Corona Relief Work in India check out this recording of an event hosted by Manchester Buddhist Centre).

A huge thank you for your continued support of our sangha in India.

With metta,