Thrive Online Appeal

COVID-19 has changed everything, everywhere. Tragically, it’s amplifying isolation, anxiety, depression, addiction and domestic violence.

People need the Buddha’s vision of awareness, compassion, and wisdom, more than ever.

But we cannot pass it on as we have for 50 years; by gathering together for classes, retreats, puja, and friendship. And this means that we can’t collect dana in the usual way.

Our urban and retreat centres risk going under when government financial support ends, or – in countries like India – where it never started.

However, with the help of FutureDharma and India Dhamma Trust supporters, Triratna is continuing to thrive online and keep reaching out to a world in need.

To carry on, we need committed Triratna Buddhists like you to give, ideally monthly.


This year we asked you to help us raise £200,000 so that:

  • The Buddhist Centre Online team can keep offering international meditation, retreats, and inspiration
  • The International Council can keep coordinating our global response to the pandemic, and help struggling centres manage their finances and access government support
  • Ordination and youth teams in India, Australia and New Zealand can keep inspiring and training people online
  • The Sikkha Project can keep training us in sharing the Dharma effectively online
  • Windhorse Publications can keep giving away thousands of free Dharma ebooks

You responded – and together we reached our £200,000 target. But the world is still in the grips of this global pandemic, with many people still living under lockdown, and in isolation. They still need your help. Will you give a monthly gift so that together we can keep reaching out to a world in need?

Videos of FutureDharma and India Dhamma Trust projects

Sangha Online

Sangha in India

Sangha in Poland

Sangha in Brazil

Sangha in Brazil (Deutsche Übersetzung)

Sangha in Australia & New Zealand

What your gift can make happen

£32 / €35 / A$56

£32 / €35 / A$56

Will allow The Buddhist Centre Online and Free Buddhist Audio to keep sharing online gatherings, meditations and inspiration to 657,000 people each year.

£63 / €69 / A$110

£63 / €69 / A$110

Will pay for our Indian and Australasian Youth and Ordination Teams to keep training the kalyana mitras of the future.

£108 / €118 / A$189

£108 / €118 / A$189

Will mean pioneers in Poland, Brazil, Russia, and Estonia can keep working to develop new Triratna sanghas

Give to FutureDharma & India Dhamma Trust

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