Sudarshanaloka: Fire Up The Dharma

Your gift TRIPLED if you give before 1st Aug 2023

Welcome to Sudarshanaloka, a vibrant spiritual community near Thames on the Coromandel peninsula, New Zealand. We aim to awaken and nurture beauty within our sangha. The problem is,  we have only one heated room in the building! This makes winter retreats difficult for all but the most resilient individuals. It affects comfort, limits income generation, and hampers the opportunity for practitioners to connect and deepen their spiritual practice.

To create a year-round sanctuary, we are installing an efficient heating system. Utilizing our 20-year supply of wilding pines for firewood will enhance environmental efficiency.  Thanks to the New Zealand Sangha $28,000 has already been raised and this is our last push to finish the job. Your support today will make retreats possible in all seasons.

Excitingly, Windhorse Trust and FutureDharma will match every donation, tripling its impact up to NZ$9,333 (£4,769) – but we only have until 1st August!

What your gift can make happen


NZ$100 / £50

Tripled to $300 / £150

Will enable us to create warm and comfortable bedrooms for our visitors.

Opening of Krakow Buddhist Centre

NZ$200 / £100

Tripled to $600 / £300

Will help us pay for the new pipework and radiators.

Budhist Centre Online

NZ$500 / £250

Tripled to $1500 / £750

Will help us pay for and install our efficient wood burning boiler