Giving the Dharma to anyone and everyone who wants it is what it’s all about. That’s why Triratna makes so much Dharma available online. The Buddhist Centre, Clearvision, Free Buddhist Audio, Video Sangha are all available completely free. And getting hold of these resources online can mean so much – access to the Dharma and a way of being part of our amazing, worldwide sangha. Munisha met up with Thomas and Carina Rotter, a couple in Austria, who live far from any Triratna centre, but are plugged into Triratna online. The online resources they’re using are made possible partly by your gifts to FutureDharma Fund. This is what your gifts mean to them:

“I found Triratna at the beginning of 2015… I had already given up the search for a modern Buddhist community or order. But suddenly, there was the German website, where I found further links, including, for example, The Buddhist Centre Online. I read through every single one of its pages about Triratna. At Free Buddhist Audio, Carina and I spent hours and hours listening to lectures. Through VideoSangha we discovered Clear Vision’s YouTube channel, where we watched all the NewsByte videos and started to search for and watch the old FWBO Newsreels. Of course we are very excited about Buddhafield! We may take part in the family retreat this year. Finally, we started online Dharma study with Suvarnagarbha via Skype, but we’ve had to take a break until our baby is able to give us a bit more spare time.”

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