We are very grateful to our friends at the London Buddhist Centre who will be fundraising for FutureDharma for a whole week from Monday 9th May. This is a generous and exciting contribution to support Dharma projects all over the world;

The Buddha’s teaching sets out a path of liberation for anyone who engages with it. The teachings are concerned with how to live a human life in the deepest sense and are for anyone, anywhere at any time in human history. The London Buddhist Centre is part of the Triratna international community of people dedicated to liberating our human potential as demonstrated by the Buddha. We have strong ties with fellow Buddhists in places like Mexico, Venezuela, India and Poland. For many in these countries the Buddha’s teachings are difficult to access due to lack of resources, violence or discrimination. For that reason all this week the LBC will be fundraising for the Future Dharma Fund, a charity dedicated to supporting Buddhist projects around the world. We are looking to fundraise £6,000 to help support individuals internationally to access the teaching of the Buddha and we will be hearing the stories of those individuals throughout the week. Please consider donating £50 to help others to receive the benefit of the Buddha as a vision of friendship and meaning. All donations will be match funded by the LBC up to £3,000.

Go take a look at all the London Buddhist Centre have to offer by visitng the LBC website and see what you can get involved with.

A big thank you to everyone at the London Buddhist Centre from all of us at FutureDharma!