Sean Sikkha portraitSean was going through a very dark time. His struggles with substance misuse as a way to self medicate had led to his hospitalisation. He felt like his life was stuck. Though he managed to get himself clean and sober, Sean still needed a way to help him develop new creative skills to cope with his emotions and avoid the destructive habits of his past.

After coming to the Buddhist Centre in Norwich for a little while, Sean signed up to the Sikkha Project’s new 6-week ‘Mind Reactive, Mind Creative’ course. He found the insight that our mind tends to work in a reactive mechanical way “really inspirational”.

“Prior to the Buddhist centre, my life was almost like it was on tracks or on rails, I didn’t have any creative thoughts. I play guitar and that, but when it came to communicating with other people, or work, or my relationship with food, or anything really, it was almost all habitual,” he told FutureDharma.

He said the course empowered him to face a “really difficult year” in a new way.

“There have been situations where I could have reacted to people or external stimuli in a really detrimental manner which wouldn’t better my life or bring compassion and joy to that other person. Being able to observe the gap, allow it to happen and think about what my choices are, what would be beneficial for everyone, not just myself, has really allowed me to grow as a person.”

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The Sikkha project course not only helped Sean transform the way he thinks; it also gave him a taste of a positive community through Sangha.

“The course leaders were seasoned meditation practitioners and knew a lot about Buddhism. So I learned a lot about just the way that people incorporate the practice into their daily life and how it can be incredibly difficult and we need support in this. For me these techniques and the course material is invaluable to everyone.

“I think everyone in the world would benefit from this and other course material. So it would be really good for people to share it, support it, donate towards it and get the message out there, spread the Dharma so people can decrease their suffering and increase our compassion and joy, and maybe get a little peace”.

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The Sikkha Project ensures excellence in Dharma training, provides materials for introductory courses and is responsible for the 4 years of Mitra Training material. Sikkha is entirely funded by FutureDharma donors. Lives are changed, friendships founded and a meaningful life launched by courses like the one Sean attended, or through Mitra study.

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Give Now – and have your gift DOUBLED up to December 29th