Fundraise for FutureDharma Fund

Thanks so much for helping FutureDharma fund. Here are some ways you can help in your centre.

Run a Gratitude and Giving Evening in your study group

As part of our ‘Avalokiteshvara in the World appeal’ we want you to help us raise £1million over the next two years. We are asking 1,000 people to give or raise £1,000.  One the best ways to do this is to raise the money together with friends in your study group through a Gratitude and Giving Evening.

This evening workshop is presented by one (or two) of a study group to the rest of the group. Does the Sangha address world problems? What benefits have the individuals in the group received from being part of a Sangha? – questions that explore how individual practice affects ourselves and others.

How can this benefit can be passed on? FutureDharma Fund supports Triratna projects worldwide, and we’ll invite a donation to support their Dharma work (this may be the only time that Mitras are asked to support the International Sangha during their course of study).

A gratitude and Giving evening is a positive challenge for the individuals presenting the evening, and to prepare for the evening there is comprehensive support material and one-to-one support at hand from Maitrinara. Study groups who have completed the evening have all reported a deepening of their appreciation for their local situation and the International Triratna Sangha jewel.

The Evening is now the optional final unit of the What is the Sangha? Year 2 study module, but if this module is already completed then the evening works well between modules anytime after the end of the first year.

Interested in running a GGE? Click here to email Maitrinara.

Run an appeal at your Centre to support a specific Triratna project

FutureDharma Fund supports Triratna Dharma projects all over the world. While we are online you could connect your Sangha to anyone of these projects, both raising money for the project and creating inspiring connections.

We’ll help you partner a project and work alongside you both to come up with creative ways to structure and support your event and appeal.

So far centres have chosen to engage with projects by conducting interviews, having short talks and break-out groups to discuss the demands of practice in their unique situations, and hearing the refuges and precepts or parts of a giving puja in the different language, The appeal could be part of a special one-off event or as part of existing weekly events.

Practically we can help create a video promoting the event, and an appeal page for your campaign, with a “giving thermometer’” so your Sangha can see in real time how the appeal is going and if you’ve reached your target.

Interested in running a Centre Appeal? Click here to email Maitrinara.