“As the central activity of my life is Going for Refuge, and I have by and large enough for my needs, it seems completely ‘logical’ to support this activity financially for the sake of myself and others.

I reached my 55th birthday last year and collected my ‘occupational’ pension and together with other ‘assured income’ can now plan ahead into late middle age and beyond. This would seem to be the time to make decisions about how much I need to live on and how much I am able to give away. I am pledging to give 10% of my monthly income to Triratna charities. Half of this will go to FutureDharma Fund.

There are many aspects of the FutureDharma Fund that are both exciting and inspiring, but for me it is the overarching sense of perpetuating the spread Bhante’s elucidation of the Dharma geographically, into the future and into different areas of society that is most interesting.

I would say to anyone thinking about it – if you can – give! I feel blessed to be able to do so. What an opportunity we all have!”

Location: London

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