I gave to FutureDharma Fund because it gives a good return on my investment. Money well spent. Why? Because meeting the dharma in a form I could understand, in a sangha that I trust, transformed my life. I can’t imagine a more satisfying way to spend money than to help others similarly transform their lives.

10% Giving cleared up a lot of problems in my relationship to money. The very same evening that I heard Amalavajra give a talk on the benefits of 10 % giving, I made my calculations and spread my 10% out over charities that reflected my concerns in the world. I immediately felt as if a weight had been lifted and that I was at last using my money inline with my deepest values. Since then I’ve felt I’m working not only for me and my family but for the wider world. As I have become more committed on the Buddhist path and seen first-hand how it effectively addresses the causes of suffering I have adjusted my giving to be more weighted toward dharmic projects. This reflects what I think will most positively effect the world.

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