“I’m really pleased FutureDharma Fund will be supporting developing online dharma. For those of us in the Southern Hemisphere it’s crucial. And the College and International Council – they must be funded – to support our International delegates to travel to the UK.

It’s been the history of Triratna (and the FWBO) that we’ve done amazing things. But we haven’t really paid much attention to financial planning. We’ve bought properties and we’ve been very fortunate – they’ve grown in value. In a way Samsara has been with us. In the next 50 years we can’t expect it to be on our side. Now conscious planning is needed. I love the way that planning fits in with the dharma. One of the things I love about the dharma is that it’s so consciously worked out.

My attitude to money is “live simply so others may simply live. I’ve been very fortunate. I see myself as a channel for the money I have – it’s just an energy flow.”

Location: Sydney

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