“In my Will I have left my estate to FutureDharma Fund, Berlin Buddhist Centre and Abhayaratna Trust. Why? Well, it’s obvious!

In my opinion Sangharakshita is a spiritual genius and a living Bodhisattva. So I’ve given my life’s energy to this movement that he’s founded, and I want to give ‘energy’ to Triratna after I’ve died – in the form of money.

I trust the spiritual and human integrity of Sangharakshita’s senior-most disciples, who decide FutureDharma’s project priorities. I know that when the time comes they will know what the movement and the world most need.

I can feel the pull to give money to my nephews and nieces. It’s not a bad impulse, but it’s the pull of nature, not of the higher realm. I have explained my wishes to my brother and sister and they accept them completely.”

Location: Berlin

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