Depth of Wisdom

Our ongoing engagement with the Dharma and each other support the depth and intensity of practice needed for the arising of the Bodhicitta.

Building sangha is the work of the bodhisattva who strives for the liberation of others.

Unless your work is your meditation, your meditation is not meditation.


Peace is a Fire

A life that is full of richness and poetry and the arts, embedded in the dharma …. I think encouraging others to do this collectively is one of the wonderful gifts that we offer the world.


International Order Convenor

Since its early days as the FWBO, committed Order members and Mitras have worked to build centres, communities and Team Based Right Livelihoods. Living, working and practising together in these contexts they have moved towards a “Total Dharma life”, the collective intensity of which helps strengthen their practice. The Triratna Bank will provide new TBRLs and residential communities the startup funds they need. It will also provide individuals with funds to spare a way to invest them in a meaningful way.