At the edge of the English North Sea, Scarborough can be a dark and isolated place in the Winter. This means that the routes to York and surrounding areas often become impassable for a few months of the year.

York Buddhist Centre, previously supported by our donors, is now a vibrant and thriving Sangha. The Sangha and Chair, Shakyapada, acknowledged that there was a spirit and level of engagement in Scarborough that deserved to be met without the requirement of lengthy and potentially treacherous travel to the York Centre. Mahasraddha compassionately responded to a need for the Dharma in the small seaside town of Scarborough and so left his home and started a new life there.

Built from nothing, and in a very short period of time, the Sangha there has flourished exponentially with the help of you, FutureDharma donors. In November last year, on Sangha Day, the Scarborough Buddhist Centre welcomed its first Mitras. Four became Mitra’s within Triratna for the first time, and two took the opportunity to reaffirm their connection.

We are delighted to share with you below thoughts from Mahasraddha himself, as well as from two of the Mitras.  Sadhu Scarborough!

(Matthew, Christine, & Troy – Scarborough Mitras)


“Seeing into the First Noble Truth on deeper and deeper levels can have profound impacts on our lives as practising Buddhists. And so it was that, after 19 or so years of being heavily involved in the Manchester Buddhist Centre and its Sangha in various capacities, I felt it was time to take the Dharma to a location where there were no Triratna activities in response to the First Noble Truth. That location turned out to be Scarborough for various reasons. 

In 2021 a small team of three – myself, and two Mitras who have asked for ordination (Karen Levin and Rachel Whittaker who moved from the Manchester and Deal Sanghas, respectively) began running classes in a Community Centre in Scarborough. Things have developed very rapidly indeed and a vibrant Sangha has sprung up in just over two years of activities. We run 3 or 4 newcomer’s courses per year (attended by a healthy number of people of a diverse demographic), a weekly ‘Going Deeper’ class for our regular Sangha members and a weekly Mitra Study evening for the six Mitras we already have in Scarborough (with more to come). We also run twice weekly online meditation sessions and run Day Retreats throughout the year. Some of our regular Sangha have been on retreats at Triratna Retreat Centres including Adhisthana, Padmaloka and Tiratnaloka and have attended joint York-Scarborough Sangha retreats. 

The Mitra Ceremonies of the six Mitras in Scarborough were held in the context of a Day Retreat on Spiritual Friendship at the York Buddhist Centre on 26th November 2023. The retreat was led by myself and Shakyapada (Chair of the York Centre). The Ceremonies were, of course, a hugely significant landmark for the Scarborough Sangha. In June 2024, we are holding a Sangha Visioning Day which will include looking at the feasibility of having our own place for a Centre. 

A grant from the FutureDharma Fund has been vital in supporting what has developed here in Scarborough allowing us, for example, to purchase meditation mats and cushions which help convert a Community Centre Hall in Scarborough into a sacred space in which the dharma and meditation can be effectively communicated and practiced.“ 

~ Mahasraddha, Chair of the Scarborough Buddhist Centre

Rachel Whittaker, GFR Mitra, Scarborough


Troy Hill, Mitra, Scarborough

“I discovered the Scarborough Triratna during its early stages through a compelling Facebook ad promoting a mindfulness course. My involvement with the Scarborough Sangha has notably lessened my experience of suffering. While life still presents its challenges, practicing Buddhism in Scarborough has helped me navigate both highs and lows with greater resilience.

I am deeply thankful for the commitment of two Mitras and an Order Member who chose to relocate to Scarborough and establish the Sangha. Their dedication has transformed my life, providing a sense of community and shared purpose among like-minded individuals addressing the common threads of dissatisfaction and suffering.

Becoming a Mitra holds immense significance for me. The ceremony, witnessed by family and friends, two of which also embraced this commitment, felt like a profound moment. For me it was akin to a light switch being turned on, signaling a newfound energy and motivation in my practice. Taking the precepts and committing to a path has exponentially enriched the fruits of my spiritual journey.

Without our mobile Buddhist center in Scarborough, finding the right Buddhist community might have remained elusive. While I had an interest in Buddhism before, the Sangha provided the missing piece. Now, with a supportive group of friends, I have a safety net to lift me back up if I falter on my journey.

The FutureDharma Fund has been instrumental in the establishment of the Scarborough Sangha, providing crucial support to get the group off the ground. This support, including meditation equipment, has allowed us to explore mindfulness and Buddhism in Scarborough, contributing significantly to the growth and sustainability of our community. It couldn’t have developed at the pace it did without the donations.

The generosity of others removed obstacles for us, and in doing so it also generated lots of positive energy, which we thrived on – suddenly we became aware there were others out there who cared and wanted to help us, it set such a great example of Dana in action for all of us. “
~ Troy, Scarborough Mitra

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