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Support Tararhidaya or Abhayanavita’s Dharma work in India for one year. Let’s raise $5,500 to support our Sangha in India.

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Please Give to Triratna’s Future

India is in crisis because of COVID and now they face a potential third wave of the pandemic. People are losing friends and family and often don’t have any work or means to earn a living. They are facing fear and the insecurity of not knowing what will happen next.

Abhayanavita, Tararhidaya, and the ordination teams connect Sangha members throughout India inspiring them with confidence as they face the difficulties in their lives. Their vital Dharma work is reaching thousands of Sangha, empowering them with the Dharma and connecting them with the solidarity and friendship of the Sangha.

They have also been helping to organise life saving practical help, including food and money, where it’s needed most.

Please support Abhayanavita and Tararhidaya in their organisational and Dharma work, and help spread solidarity, courage, and confidence throughout our Sangha in India.

Portrait of Nikhil

Supported by FutureDharma Fund we are really working very hard in these difficult times. Creating digital networks throughout India to engage and support people with the Dharma, to reduce their panic and fear and to inspire courage and confidence.


Indian women's Ordination Team