Applying For A Small Grant

from FutureDharma Fund

Help our Triratna sangha grow and respond to a suffering world. These small grants from FutureDharma Fund are for projects which:

  • Help to unite the sangha through Sangharakshita’s lineage of practices and teachings, and by encouraging a spirit of Kalyana Mitrata
  • Make life-transforming Dharma available to people of any age or background, around the world
  • Create the depth and intensity of practice needed for the arising of the Bodhicitta

FutureDharma is very happy to be able to provide a number of small grants of up to £3,000 for inspirational Triratna Dharma projects and initiatives which have immediate funding needs or smaller local projects which are prevented from establishing themselves due to a lack of local funds.


Some projects we have supported in the past with our small grants are:

  • Room rental costs for the Clacton-on-sea Mitra group
  • Travel costs for visiting OMs to Estonia
  • Fitting out a new Dharma library at the Cuernavaca Buddhist Centre, Mexico
  • Decorating the new York Buddhist Centre ready for hybrid classes during COVID-19 restrictions
  • Moving the London Buddhist Centre’s Schools Project online so kids can learn about Buddhism during COVID-19 restrictions


In these times we’re especially open to applications from projects making adaptations and responding to the COVID-19 restrictions. The beauty of these small grants is that we are able to make funding available relatively rapidly, responding to the needs of projects as they arise.

We welcome applications to our small grants programme from Triratna projects worldwide throughout the year. Each year we have a fixed budget to distribute for these smaller projects on a first-come-first-served basis. Awards will be made until this fund has been used, until the following year. For guidance on how to apply please visit: FutureDharma – applying for funding.

Please feel free to contact to explore if your proposal might be suitable for an application to the FutureDharma Fund Small Grants Programme. When you are ready to apply, download the Small Grant Application Form and send your request to

With metta,

Nandavajra and Jnanaruchi

FutureDharma Fund Programmes Team