9 Dharma Priorities


FutureDharma Fund supports existing projects and new initiatives within Triratna. FutureDharma Fund serves to fund nine priority areas of Dharma work, although our scope is not limited to them:

  • Developing opportunities for a “total Dharma life”, such as collective living and working, infused with the spirit of kalayana mitrata
  • Encouraging young people to Go For Refuge, for example, through intensive study programmes at Adhisthana
  • Creating financial abundance through promoting a giving culture and a “Triratna Bank”
  • Training, mainly at Adhisthana, in quality for teachers and promoting best practice and excellence at Centres
  • Enhanced online and digital Dharma to reach more people, especially those far from Centres
  • Training and financial support for those starting new Centres and groups
  • A well-resourced Public Preceptor’s College to offer leadership
  • Greater capacity at Adhisthana for larger and international gatherings
  • A resourced and developed International Council as a coordinating, unifying and decision making body