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Support Amrutasiddhi’s Dharma work in India for six months. Let’s raise £1500 to support our Sangha in India.

Croydon appeal for India 2021

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Please Give to Triratna’s Future

India is emerging from the crisis of COVID. People have lost friends and family and often don’t have any work or means to earn a living. They are facing fear and the insecurity of not knowing what will happen next. 

Amrutasiddhi helps connect thousands of Sangha members throughout India through his role as coordinator for the centres and groups in India. 

Throughout the lock-down he’s helped these centres and groups keep the Dharma alive in people’s hearts and minds. Now the Sangha in India is starting to meet up in person once again. 

As he travels the country, Amrutasiddhi is hearing first hand how the solidarity of the Sangha has helped so many people feel supported as they’ve faced the difficulties in their lives. 

Please support Amrutasiddhi’s organisational and Dharma work, and help spread solidarity, courage, and confidence throughout our Sangha in India.

Portrait of Dharmachari Amrutasiddhi - Centre coordinator in India

The Order members in India, supported by FutureDharma Fund, are really working very hard in these difficult times. Organising practical help where it’s needed and giving people the Dharma to reduce fear and to inspire courage and confidence.


Centre Coordinator in India