Q: What’s the absolutely best thing about working for FutureDharma Fund?

A: Knowing that we’re helping you support some amazing Triratna projects.

Each month we’re going to bring you news from one of them. First up in June – Clear Vision Trust. 

Now 50 years old, Triratna has grown and spread across the globe. We all practice in a diverse range of settings. Yet whether we’re part of a large urban sangha, attend a small local group, live in a community, on our own or in a family, we’re all part of one amazing sangha.


How can we share all our practices, our celebrations, our news? How do we keep hold of our history? How do we share what is new and inspire more and more people? 

ClearVision Trust bring us new films of events throughout the Triratna, and hold our archive of photos and films. Watch this film (2 mins) to hear Sanghadara explain why.