Transforming Yourself

Through Giving More

Our attachment to money is one of our strongest experiences of self-clinging. We identify ourselves through our possessions. Being so malleable, money is an alluring symbol of abstract happiness, security, love or whatever our wanting mind yearns for.

Yet like all phenomena, money is ungraspable and when we let it flow freely into and out of our lives we experience the bliss of that great open-handed Buddha, Ratnasambhava.

Part of the practice of generosity therefore consists in becoming aware of how much one is being given. That is, generosity is connected to the ability to experience gratitude, as well as to express it. It consists in the ability to feel wealthy even in the humblest circumstances.


Living Ethically

Ratnasambhava Buddha

Ways To Give

Giving more stretches us beyond the limits that we usually put on how much of our money we think we can share with others.

Here are four ways of giving more that will transform you, and the world:

Money Awakening

Are you interested in bringing more awareness to your relationship with money? Money Awakening is a process developed by Amalavajra.  Based on our five stage System of Practice, it can help us move from financial confusion, aversion and scarcity to clarity, confidence and abundance.