International Sangha Day Appeal

Help Triratna to keep reaching out to a world in need

COVID-19 is changing everything, everywhere. Tragically, it’s amplifying isolation, anxiety, depression, addiction and domestic violence.

People need the Buddha’s light of awareness, compassion, and wisdom, more than ever.

Though most of our sanghas cannot gather physically, we are successfully offering meditation, retreats, puja and friendship online. Like today!

But to keep doing this we need people like you to give, ideally on a monthly basis.

If 250 of us give £120/$160/€133 today, or £10/$13/€11 per month, then we’ll raise £30,000 for key global projects like The Buddhist Centre Online and International Council, as well as local ones in India, Poland and Brazil.

The world needs what you’ve been given. Pass it on.

Will you give each month, so that together, we can keep reaching out to a world in need?

Give to Triratna’s Future

What your gift can make happen

£10/$13/€11 a month

£10/$13/€11 a month

Helps The Buddhist Centre Online offer the Dharma toolkit — meditations, podcasts, and home retreats — to thousands of people like you.

£20/$26/€22 a month

£20/$26/€22 a month

Will pay for our Indian Youth and Ordination Teams to run online retreats benefitting thousands of people.

£30/$39/€33 a month

£30/$39/€33 a month

Helps the Sikkha Project run training seminars so Triratna centres teach and fundraise effectively online.

Give to FutureDharma & India Dhamma Trust

$26,542 of $35,850 raised

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Thank You!

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