Am I the only one who’s feeling a bit like a Pushmi-Pullyu this week?

I feel like I need to hold lots of different possible futures in my mind. Preparing for things opening up. Knowing we could be heading towards more restrictions.

We’ve all heard it said that the only certainty in life is uncertainty. I guess it’s just another way of talking about impermanence and navigating the many changes in our lives.

Triratna as a worldwide community is also needing to adapt to continuous change.


FutureDharma stands behind our worldwide Triratna community as it responds to our changing world.


This month’s featured project spans the globe from New Zealand to Ireland. Your gifts have paid for lighting and tech equipment for the Dublin sangha’s online Dharma teaching.

I hope you enjoy Celia’s short video on what a difference this is making in her life, in New Zealand, and allow Vajrashura to show you the lights!

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Why not read supporter Simon Mayes’ thoughts on why he gives to FutureDharma.

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Thank you for helping Triratna continue to respond in our changing world.

With metta,


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