Come on a journey with us around the world

I know, I know. If only. It’s all getting a bit samey being at home all the time, isn’t it? (Although a big wave to our sanghas in Australia and New Zealand – we’re loving watching your return to face-to-face sangha events!)

Whilst it may not be possible to take off on a trip of a lifetime just yet, the lovely Adhisthana team has got the next best thing lined up for us.

A Wave of Blessings: Triratna Day 2021 is this Saturday, 3rd April

And it’s going to be a smasher.

Of course, Adhisthana means the Place of Blessings, and is where Bhante lived the last years of his life. It’s the ideal place to start our journey through the many geographical locations that make up Triratna.

Make sure you don’t miss out on this opportunity to be part of a lovely celebration. Put it in your diary now! And please remind your friends about it.

Some of us from FutureDharma will be there and we’ll be asking folk to give to support Triratna’s projects as they adjust to the next phase of changes and do what they do best – making the Dharma available to everyone.

Please come along to Triratna Day and be part of the celebration. Travel with us from New Zealand and Australia, across India and Mexico, and back to Europe, whilst all the time being at Adhisthana, visiting Bhante’s lounge, meditating in the shrine room, and circumambulating Sangharakshita’s burial mound.

The day really will be a piece of technological magic (huge shout-out to the Adhisthana tech team and The Buddhist Centre Online!)

I’m looking forward to it. See you on Saturday in a time zone near you!

With metta,