What your gift can make happen

£30 / €35 / $42 / AU$54

£30 / €35 / $42 / AU$54

or £3 / €3 / $4 / AU$5 each month

Will help our Indian Youth Coordinators run online retreats and classes, and train the kalyana mitras of the future

£60 / €70 / $83 / AU$108

£60 / €70 / $83 / AU$108

or £5 / €6 / $7 / AU$9 each month

Will mean the Urgyen Sangarakshita Video Archive can preserve our rich heritage, and make historical videos available for everyone online

£120  / €140 / $166 / AU$215

£120 / €140 / $166 / AU$215

or £10 / €12 / $14 / AU$18 each month

Will allow The Buddhist Centre Online to keep sharing online gatherings, meditations, and the Dharma Toolkit with 657,000 people this year

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Donation Total: $81.88 One Time

Please Give to Triratna’s Future

A future where Triratna continues to reach out to people with sangha, the Dharma, and a way to transform their lives. A future where the Bodhicitta — the Awakening Mind — manifests more and more.

For many the lockdowns have caused overwhelm, depression, and anxiety. Social distancing has too often meant social isolation.

The world has changed around us and we’ve needed to adapt. Triratna has quickly moved online so we can practice in our local sanghas and come together as an international community.


Your gift will make possible:

  • International Online Celebrations: hosted by The Buddhist Centre Online and International Council, and translated by the Translations Board
  • Effective local sanghas responding to people’s needs: Young Person’s Coordinators in Australia and India, Kalyanna Mitras for Australia and South America, Ordination Teams and Movement Coordinator in India
  • Skills and confidence for Triratna: Providing our local centres with Dharma Fundraising Training hosted by the Sikkha Project
  • Readying for whatever comes next: The Dharma Toolkit from The Buddhist Centre Online, a new centre in York, UK, air filtration systems in Aryaloka Buddhist Centre, USA


FutureDharma and India Dhamma Trust ensure that Triratna can adapt for whatever the post-COVID future brings.

But we can’t do it without you!

Please take this precious opportunity to show appreciation for what you’ve received and ensure that others can enjoy the blessings of the Triratna sangha in the future.

Please give now.

Give to Triratna’s Future